Anti Explosion Doors


Anti-explosion doors are designed to protect human life from any accidental explosions that occur in hazard-prone zones such as petrochemical plants or industrial manufacturing facilities. In cases of explosion, detonation or deflagration, these doors are recommended for protection. According to the standards or to meet individual requirements, it is designed under strict supervision.

service-detail-img2.jpg Designed for applications and industries where the risk of explosion is a critical consideration, Blast Door, explosion resistant steel door is an extremely heavy-duty, external weather and gas-tight door. They can be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically and are also designed to an exact specification in a range of configurations, finishes and colours. Depending on their operational environment, the structure and composition can easily be customised and upgraded. These doors can be designed according to several building types such as refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, hazardous material and ammunition storage locations or sites targeted by criminal attacks.

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