General Purpose Sliding & Swing Metal Doors


General-purpose sliding and swing door systems are functional and optically appealing. There exists considerable freedom to design and provides flexibility in planning. The roller carriages move precisely, quietly and gently over the rails due to demanding technologies, high-quality materials, and first-class workmanship thus making the fittings system extremely durable with a long life.


The prominent features of these doors are that they have optimum strength, long service life and quality tested. Sliding doors are that there is almost no room required to open the door, they are relatively easy to automate. The mechanism is also secure since it cannot be lifted out of its hinges. They are safe and sturdy. There are 3 basic types of swing door operators namely Full Energy – It opens and closes the door at full speed, Low Energy – It opens and closes the door at reduced speed to limit deemed safe for disabled users and Power Assist – This is a version of the low-energy operator.

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