Fire Rated Glass Partition & Windows


Fire-rated glass partitions and windows or storefronts provide critical fire safety while improving visibility and light transfer. The systems are classified as non-fire spreading (NRO). Fire partitions and windows are designed to compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire meeting the most stringent requirements of life safety in commercial and industrial establishments. The partitions not only complement the existing passive fire-fighting systems, but it also ensures optimal personal safety..


Fire Rated Glazed Partitions & Doors are used where fire partition products with visibility are needed in normal conditions. This is achieved by a fire-rated glass partition and fire-rated fully glazed doors. The fire-rated glass is fixed in a specially designed glazing system which forms a fire barrier during fire and provides clear visibility under normal conditions. While there are many types of fire-rated materials that can provide this form of protection, only fire-rated glass can do so while still enabling the full vision for aesthetic, daylighting and security purposes.

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