Clean Room Metal Door

service-detail-img1.jpg Clean room metal doors are designed to meet the most uncompromising requirements for sanitized spaces or hygienic applications. These are particularly designed for applications in muggy or erosive environments. Cleanroom door is designed in flush surface finishing and easy clean feature. High-quality powder-coated steel or epoxy resin panel as the door face material is adopted. Swelling, rusting or rotting of these doors is usually not seen. The doors are generally highly hygienic as they don’t attract bacteria thus making them perfectly suitable for sectors such as pharmacy, leisure, food, and healthcare.


Clean room Doors are ergonomically designed. As mentioned above, the door is strong enough to resist various pollutants such as airborne microbes, particles, chemicals, and dust to enter the clean room. Additionally, the doors are resistant to water, moisture, bacteria, and other harmful elements. It is generally used for clean rooms in various research facilities. Cleanroom metal doors are highly reliable and durable.

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